Sunday, June 3, 2012

Girls Weekend

Friday morning, Lilah and I set out on a journey to visit Fay, Ava and Ella in Wisconsin. We had nothing planned before we got there, but were all ready to have fun! As you will see....we found so many awesome activities (thanks Pinterest, Joann Fabrics, and Faye's creative mind). We had great weather.....and the BEST company.

First up on Friday.....Park #1

 Back at Faye's parents...Ava had to show Lilah the fun of tap shoes!

 And remind us of her spunky/sweet  personality!!

 The girls played some more...

 And then it was time for face painting...

 and some more tap dancing! :)

 Cupcakes were next....YUM!

 Saturday was the zoo.

 Ava stopped us to show her lion was pretty good!

 and it came complete with sound effects! :)
 The girls watching/discussing the lions....pretty serious!

 Off to the Children's area.

 Painting the street...our little artists.

 Sunday started at Park #2

 We took a break to color some aprons...

 Then back to playing!

 Sweet Ella!!!
Once again, not one photo of the moms together. THIS HAPPENS EVERY SINGLE TIME!! oh least the girls will know that they were together!!

Thanks Faye for letting us crash your family visit with your parents. We enjoyed every minute and can't wait until next time!